Day 2

Friday, 15 June


10-10.10am Welcome and re-cap of Day 1 – Laura Sutherland

10.10-10.30am Entrepreneurial thinking and PR – Lucy-Rose Walker, CEO, and Gayle Mann, COO, Entrepreneurial Spark

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a job, it’s about a way of thinking and approaching challenges and opportunities. Real entrepreneurs can flourish in any sector, whether it’s government, not-for-profit or business, as a leader or an employee. Entrepreneurial thinking allows people to identify the problem early-on and present a solution. Something all businesses and organisations absolutely require.

For PR, entrepreneurial thinking is possibly one of the biggest assets a practitioner could possess. It fits with how PR practitioners have to deliver innovative and creative solutions to tell client’s stories and help build brands.

In this session, Lucy-Rose will talk about her experience of how entrepreneurial thinking ties in with building relationships, brands and the bottom line.

10.30-11am People Power in PR – Advocacy, talent and harnessing passion, Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement

This fasted paced, interactive session will show you how to spot, grow and keep PR talent and how to harness advocacy in your organisation. With a focus on talent management, succession planning and cross-skilling your team, the session is designed to spark your imagination, provide creative solutions to people “challenges” and offer insights from a multi-award winning perspective on growing the advocacy, team spirit and passion you need to succeed in today’s PR environment.

With resource links, business tips and imaginative ways to harness today’s talent, the session is a must for anyone who recognises the importance of finding the right people and creating a perfect team.

11am Break

11.20am The value of brutal honesty in a bullshit rich world – John Brown, Founder and Director, Don’t Cry Wolf

There’s something a bit sinister going on. We don’t know who to trust with our news, with our facts and with our stats. Is it the media? Politicians? PR professionals?

This chat will focus on why a total commitment to honesty and transparency is PR’s biggest opportunity. From the start of a client relationship, through to those awkward moments where you need to feedback to them that the product they thought was so damn innovative is, well not.

What’s the value in this relentless dedication to total truth?

Better relationships, better content and better bottom lines.

11.50-12.30pm Discussion – led by attendee vote of subject

12.30 – 1.30pm BBQ Lunch

1.30-2.30pm Sprints with Google Analytics, Tag Manager & Data Studio – Andrew Bruce Smith, Escherman

Bring your problems along to PRFest as we discuss Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Data Studio. Each element will allow 10 minutes Q&A.

2.30 – 2.50pm Collaboration platforms and enterprise social networking – Laura Sutherland, Director, Aura and Founder of PRFest

Using a case study, Laura will discuss research undertaken with a group of volunteers for an organisation, the outcomes, and how an online tool was developed to encourage collaboration and better two-way communication.

2.50pm Break

3.05pm Communicating sustainability and sustainable brands – Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

Communications professionals, in-house teams and agencies are increasingly tasked with communicating about sustainability-related issues. As a practitioner you know that getting the comms wrong on a complex issue can be disastrous for brands and organisations. Betsy Reed, a strategic communications and sustainability consultant and the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, team up to deliver an overview of good sustainability comms and the importance of building effective partnerships. Working with case studies and real-world examples, we’ll role our sleeves up and practitioners can get stuck in on a practical exercise followed by a Q&A.

3.45pm Discussion and round-up

4pm Finish