PR Space

PR Space is a new event brought to you by PRFest.Time for you to focus ON your business, as so often we are so busy working IN our businesses, we don’t have time or we feel guilty taking time out, to think about the bigger picture.

It’s the outcome of research and listening to the challenges PR/comms directors, independent practitioners, freelancers and owners of small agencies face. You can visit the website here.


The event is an overnight stay and away-trip. Away from your normal working environment. It’s envisaged there will be up to 10 practitioners at any one event. Generally speaking, we’ll all be facing the same types of challenges. We never have enough time to work ON our businesses as we’re so busy working IN them. Sound familiar?

Learn – Share – Collaborate

Through working with a small intimate group of people, you’ll leave feeling like you know exactly what you need to do to solve problems, get back on track and have a firm strategy in place to help develop your business/team/clients.

I’m hoping that the concept will resonate and we can run more, regularly, but we’ll need to wait and see what the demand is.

I, for one, think it will be really beneficial to me, as an independent practitioner. My thinking is around the fact there is no-one senior for me to bounce ideas off and chat strategy and business. So, PR Space is hopefully the solution to many of your challenges and questions.

Join the PR Space community and start working ON your business.