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Founded in 2015, PRFest© is dedicated to helping public relations and communication professionals to learn, share and collaborate in a safe space.

By encouraging diversity in skills, thinking and people, we can have a wider, positive impact on society.

Whether you work in an agency, in-house or by yourself as a consultant, PRFest© brings leading minds together to help you become the best practitioner you can be.

A global community

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The community evolved in 2016 at the first ever event, held in Edinburgh, and continues to grow under the leadership of Founder, Laura Sutherland. A steering group was launched in January 2021 to help be more diverse and inclusive. You’re invited to be a part of something exciting, forward-thinking and an opportunity to drive change and make an impact.

Change is the only thing we know will be a constant, with advances in technology and changes in the way people consume information, interact with brands and our always-on culture, not to mention living and working with COVID. There has never been a more important time to invest in yourself. Grab the opportunity with both hands!

Who’s it for?

PRFest© is for leaders, communicators, teams, change-makers, those who are simply curious and those who try to make a difference and want to share how.

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Monthly peer support

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Every fourth Wednesday of the month on Zoom, PR and communication professionals from across the world hangout to discuss the latest in the industry, what’s happening where they are, and ask for support if needed. It started in March 2020, when lockdown kicked in, and has been a vital resource for the industry ever since. Sign up to PRFest emails to get the reminder and the link.