Take the DRIVEN Pledge

The DRIVEN Pledge is a free, easy-to-use tool, to help set goals, in a bid to help leaders and individuals tackle the industry’s diversity and inclusion problem.

It stands for Diversity, Representation, Inclusion, Validation, Equality and Network.

DRIVEN started back in June 2020 with the launch of the framework…

is a starting point to help support behavioural change. Not being too prescriptive means it can live and breathe.  The PRFest community has created something which, given pledges you make, can be measured annually. There are and will continue to be other initiatives, training and sharing in the industry too, and you are urged to get involved. We need wide-spread change and whilst DRIVEN isn’t a silver bullet, it’s a place to start shaping your discussions with stakeholders and teams and a place to agree actions.

Please include your teams and your stakeholders in your conversations around how and why your organisation is changing. It’s important everyone is involved and is brought along. This takes time. Don’t rush it. Get it right and ask if you need support.

If you missed the events around the DRIVEN development, here’s the catch up:

How to recruit a diverse team based on values and purpose

How will the industry be accountable for improving diversity and inclusion?

Endorsed by:

Francis Ingham, PRCA’s Director General: “Our industry has faced some very hard truths in recent months about the levels of discrimination faced by Black and ethnic minority professionals. It’s essential we all proactively play our part to help the industry achieve the aspirations we have for it. I urge members and the wider industry to take the DRIVEN Pledge so we can hold each other accountable in achieving workplace diversity and inclusivity.”


Alastair McCapra, CIPR’s Chief Executive, added: “The DRIVEN Pledge is a great starting point for moving beyond words and into actions by providing a clear opportunity to think about two things: first, at the moment, how DO I meet each of the commitments it sets out?  And second, how COULD I meet them more clearly in future?”


Melissa Lawrence, Chief Executive, Taylor Bennett Foundation, supported the DRIVEN Pledge and said: The PR industry has had an inconsistent record of successfully delivering Diversity and Inclusion programmes. Progress has been made, but at a glacial pace.  PRFest’s new DRIVEN Pledge gives industry leaders a framework to create real change through well-meaning action.

“This resource is fluid and allows businesses to adapt it to suit their organisations individual needs. Now is the time for change!”

Other useful initiatives and resources:

(all linked)

PRCA Race Ethnicity Equity Board

PRCA Diversity Network – Chaired by Rax Lakhani

CIPR Diversity and Inclusion Forum – Chaired by Avril Lee

BME PR Pros – D&I events, The Blueprint

Harriet Smallies – D&I training (runs Comms Over Coffee)

Provoke Media D&I resources


If you have any other great initiatives or resources to add to this list, please let me know and I’ll add to it.