Thursday 18th

Please check the programme regularly as it will continue to evolve. Subject to change

Thursday, 18 June 2020

9.45am Welcome, Laura Sutherland FCIPR Chart.PR MPRCA, Founder of PRFest and Director of Aura PR

10am Why is PR so slow to adopt social impact as a measure of its success? Simon Francis, Founding Member of Campaign Collective (also Chair of PRCA Council – sponsor)

Procurement managers are demanding it, the public sector insist on it and new recruits want more of it. So why is the PR profession so slow to adopt social impact as a measure of its success? 

This discussion will explore the PR & Communications Association’s definition of social impact as well as how PR and comms professionals can measure and report on their success in this area. In addition, we will explore what more needs to be done to talk the global language of social impact in order to show our profession’s value in the boardroom.

11.15am Keynote: Purposeful Measurement – how to measure what matters in an age of disruption, Richard Bagnall, CEO of Carma and Chairman of AMEC

We’re in an era of unprecedented change. Media, PR and the way we monitor content have evolved over the last 10 years, however our approach to measuring and evaluating success has not yet caught up. Methods of the past are no longer relevant and reliable in today’s era of accountability; companies must rethink their approach to planning, evaluation and the metrics they use if they are to produce meaningful work. 

1.30pm Dispelling myths about emerging tech in public relations – Natalie Orringe, CMO, Access Intelligence Group (which includes Vuelio and Response Source)

We will discuss the latest tech in communications, how advances in machine learning and AI will benefit the industry and why humans will always be needed in PR.

2.45pm Personal finance – Kara Gammell, award-winning financial journalist, blogger “Your best friend’s guide to cash”

We don’t think of this enough as individuals and we lack financial planning!

Kara will discuss how to go about planning finances for now and the future, how to tackle quickly changing finances to suit your circumstances and helpful apps and areas of consideration for investment. How appropriate!

4pm  Business Model Innovation In Public Relations: making PR affordable, accessible, transparent and measurable while maintaining service levels – Lyndon Johnson, Founder, Think Different(ly)

A conversation exploring alternative business models and how re-thinking the traditional approach can benefit both agencies and customers, enable agencies to build stronger c-suite relationships and demonstrate measurable value. 

Lyndon will start by summarising the key findings of a year-long research project highlighting opportunities for the industry to become the predominant communications discipline.

5pm Closing remarks and summary, Laura Sutherland

6pm Speed networking drinks online!!