Now Go Create takes part in Scotland’s first PR festival

This post originally appeared on Now Go Create website

Now Go Create is excited to be part of the first ever PRFest, an event designed to showcase PR talent in Scotland, discuss creativity in PR and explore the future of the industry.

Launched by Laura Sutherland, Director of Aura, a successful PR agency in Glasgow, the PR festival “The PRofessionals” will take place ahead of the Edinburgh festivals in the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design, on the 16th and 17th June. The event aims to engage the wider PR and communications community and will bring international speakers to Edinburgh to share expertise and insights into their success including the Editor- in-Chief of the Huffington Post,  Frederick Vinci, CEO and Founder of Prezly and Clare Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Scottish Government with other speakers to be announced. Themes to be raised at the conference include content, improving workflow using technology and tools and future proofing your PR business.

Now Go Create Chief Spark Claire will be running a creative workshop during the Friday session to bring together the key themes raised at the Festival and brainstorm actions for individuals and the industry as a whole to create a legacy for the Festival post the event. PRFest founder Laura said: “Developing this festival has meant opening up a conversation in Scotland about what makes PR practitioners in Scotland and also what challenges us. I believe by bringing creative leaders to Scotland, we can learn from them, but equally we can celebrate what makes PR in Scotland good. The ambition is to firmly place Scotland as a country to buy PR services. We need to showcase Scotland’s creative PR talents on a global scale.”
Claire said: “Scotland is home to many creative sectors including the PR industry, contributing heavily to the UK economy. This includes the flourishing gaming industry which makes Scotland one of the top developer locations in the world. I’m looking forward to some real-time creative workshops tapping into the themes and discussions that are raised over the 2 days. Come and join us!”

There are lots of ticket options – half or full attendance on both days. You can buy tickets here.