50 UK female PR bloggers

Where are all the female PR bloggers?

Earlier this week Vuelio published their annual ‘Top 10 UK PR blogs list‘.

It’s a great list – I read the vast majority of the blogs on it (although one was completely new to me which is always exciting to find). Stephen Waddington and Neville Hobson top that list – and both are brilliant bloggers so it’s well deserved, but in an industry dominated by women, I was staggered that not a single one of the ten was female. 

I did a bit of digging to find out what the Vuelio methodology is for compiling that list and Wadds kindly pointed me in the direction of their FAQs where it became really obvious that it was possible that female bloggers aren’t getting listed because they’re not actually on Vuelio’s database.

I thought about compiling a list of top 10 female bloggers myself, but I don’t have a scientific way to crunch any numbers and even though there are some flaws in Vuelio’s method, it’s better than my ‘just list the 10 people you really like to read’ method.  So I approached Vuelio and asked, if I could give them a substantial list of female UK PR bloggers, would they please crunch the numbers? – to my delight they said yes!

So here’s the list of 50 UK female PR bloggers I submitted to them (listed here in alphabetical order).  There was no scientific method to compiling the list – I just wrote down the ones I was aware of, put a call out on Twitter for other people to flag female PR blogs to me, did some digging on Google and came up with this 50.  If you’re a female UK PR blogger and not on this list you can submit your blog to their database yourself.

I look forward to seeing what Vuelio’s analysis says – and I’d be really interested to know if they had had these 50 in the original mix, would the top 10 UK PR blogs have looked any different.

Over to you, Vuelio.

Aakriti Kaushik
Abi Bunce
Abi Kitcher
Amanda Coleman
Ami Wyllie
Ann Pilkington
Arianne Williams
Ashley Keir-Bucknell
Aubree West
Becky McMichael
Bridget Aherne
Cleo Lindo
Claudia Barnett
Donna White
Gillian Neild
Gloria Lombardi
Hannah Kelly-Price
Hannah Lennox
Heather Yaxley
Iliyana Stareva
Jane Revell
Jemima Dye
Jemima Gibbons
Joanna Xiourouppa
Julie Knapp
Kate Hartley
Katie Howell
Kelly Hewitt
Laura Bradley
Laura Sutherland
Lauren Whitty
Leanne Ross
Livi Wilkes
Lyndsey Collumbell
Natalia Szczepanek
Polly Snell
Rachel Miller
Rebecca Henderson
Sally Keith
Sarah Hall
Sarah Hall (#FuturePRoof)
Sarah Pinch
Sarah Stimson
Sarah Stimson (PRcareers)
Siobhan Filsell
Sophie Fenelon
Victoria Tomlinson
Women in PR (various contributors)

This post is by Sarah Stimson (@GoooRooo) and it originally appeared on her blog last week here.

Sarah is Programme Director at the Taylor Bennett Foundation, Editor of PRcareers.co.uk, Trustee at ELATT, Author of How to get a job in PR and Freelance on various other projects.

If you’re a female PR practitioner working in Scotland who blogs, get in on the action! There is little Scottish representation on here!