2018 pitches launched

#PRFest 2018 pitches – now open

With plans developing for #PRFest 2018 and discussions progressing with sponsors, we’re putting a call out for pitches for next years festival.

Things you need to know:

  • It’s not a sales pitch!
  • Remember who you’re talking to – your pitch must be geared towards that audience
  • Be as interactive as possible – you may use slides but getting people to work in teams works well, as does discussions
  • Consider who will be presenting/leading and if you need additional support to break up the session
  • Consider the length of your session – 10 minutes presenting and 10 minutes discussion/questions
  • Try and be a bit different

Here’s a link to a Google doc. Please download it, complete it and send back to Laura Sutherland via email.

No sales calls please.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for brands who would like to engage the #PRFest attendees. Please contact Laura Sutherland to discuss.