Lucy-Rose Walker talks entrepreneurial thinking and PR

CEO of Entrepreneurial Spark comes to PRFest

A woman after my own heart, Lucy-Rose Walker is coming to PRFest and I cannot wait for her session!

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a job, it’s a way of thinking and approaching challenges and opportunities. Real entrepreneurs can flourish in any sector, whether it’s government, not-for-profit or business, as a leader or an employee. Entrepreneurial thinking allows people to identify the problem early-on and present a solution. Something all businesses and organisations absolutely require.

For PR, entrepreneurial thinking is possibly one of the biggest assets a practitioner could possess. It fits with how PR practitioners have to deliver innovative and creative solutions to tell client’s stories and help build brands.

In this session, Lucy-Rose will talk about her experience of how entrepreneurial thinking ties in with building relationships, brands and the bottom line.

About Lucy-Rose Walker:

After graduating from Glasgow University with a degree in Psychology, she knew she needed to understand people more and what makes them tick. As a result, she has been involved in a long list of business start-ups over the space of more than a decade, with a strong Scottish streak running through them. From launching a “tartan affinity” credit card with a US bank aimed at the Scottish Diaspora, she moved on to promoting her own board game, Scottish Quest.

Lucy-Rose was also a director of Panalba, a social networking website aimed at the Scots worldwide, and took on a number of roles involving business mentoring and encouraging entrepreneurship before meeting Jim Duffy in 2011 and co-founding Entrepreneurial Spark. Lucy-Rose has a passion for supporting people as well as driving the team to get the best out of them to create a long term sustainable business.

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