Thinking like entrepreneurs

Speaker Post: Lucy-Rose Walker

Over the coming weeks leading to #PRFest, the speakers will blog about their subject area, giving you a flavour of what to expect on the day. 

Lucy-Rose Walker, CEO of Entrepreneurial Spark will be speaking at #PRFest about a topic I blogged about a couple of years ago, PR and entrepreneurial thinking. I firmly believe that traits that entrepreneurs have should be in all public relations practitioners. Lucy-Rose will strengthen the ties talking about mindset.

This also follows on nicely from the last post, Protyping and PR.

What does thinking like entrepreneurs mean?

 “an economy where intuitive and creative thinking create economic value, after logical and rational thinking has been outsourced to other economies.”

What’s Enterpreneurial Spark?

We are a team of entrepreneurs who created the world’s largest entrepreneurial accelerator. We started from scratch and over the last six years, have not only supported over 4,000 entrepreneurs across the UK and further-a-field, but have also challenged the wider eco-system to up its game in the support of entrepreneurs.

The great news is that, everyone rose to the challenge and there is now support nationwide for entrepreneurs. We are delighted to have created such a legacy which carries on encouraging new businesses to create value, scale and impact.

Our impact has firmly been on the people and businesses contributing to the economy.

Our Ambition

We have always described our work as being a ‘people accelerator’, focussing on the leader of an organisation and not just the business. That’s hugely important as to be effective, the leader will possess different skills and a vision for the organisation, setting the way for everyone to follow.

Working on the mindset, that in turn impacts behaviours, is something that is not unique to working with entrepreneurs. Thinking and acting like an entrepreneur is a 21st century competency that is important no matter what world of work you are in.

21st Century Skills – thinking like entrepreneurs

thinking like entrepreneurs
Lucy-Rose Walker, CEO, Entrepreneurial Spark

It’s a world you’re going to be in for a long time as the prediction is, if you are 40 today, you have a 50% chance of reaching 90 and there’s no retiring at 65. No-one is going to pay for you for the next 30 years following.

As weird becomes normal and normal becomes something for the history books, we find ourselves living in a world of ambiguity, volatility and uncertainty, the world an entrepreneur experiences everyday.

The Future

At Entrepreneurial Spark we believe we need to equip people to deal with this ongoing change; helping individuals transition from the declining occupations to growing ones will be a large-scale challenge.

In public relations, artificial intelligence and automation and two challenges the industry must address and where possible, turn into opportunities.

Putting a focus on 21st century survival skills such as creativity, innovation and critical thinking will give people every opportunity in the changing pace of life we face today.

As part of Entrepreneurial Spark’s chapter, we are working with a number of organisations to address this and find creative ways to support both individuals within the organisation and the organisation itself to make the change…and be comfortable with that.

So the question is, can you change your mindset to think and act like an entrepreneur?

Come and hear Lucy-Rose speak at #PRFest and hear about thinking like entrepreneurs. Critical thinking and mindset can help you be the best you can be.

You can buy your tickets here.