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Speaker Post: Andy Barr

Over the final few weeks leading to #PRFest, the speakers will blog about their session, giving you a flavour of what to expect on the day. Andy returns to #PRFest this year to share his more technical skills.

Is there anything more demoralising for a public relations professional than to have achieved an amazing piece of coverage for a client only for them to utter the phrase “but has it got a link though?”

Public relations can be the crack-cocaine that a brand’s search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign really needs. We have the power to deliver authority links from big-ticket news outlets and even them oft-talked-about influencer websites that people want. Not enough PR people know about and understand this though.

With 13 years of authority-link-building experience under my belt, I feel I can safely say I know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to getting these vital links. I will be sharing the secret tips that our team use in order to secure the big-ticket love.

I will be going through the kinds of content and activities that will get you links, and then onto a workshop where we can go through an actual campaign and plan out how this could work in real life. Yeah, that’s right – let’s strategise the shit into this!

As seems to be the growing case across the marketing spectrum, controversy sells and link-building is no different… with this in mind, I will also be looking at some of the more “interesting” campaigns that have been created with the sole purpose of getting links, and the results for the  businesses who ran them.

It is also worth looking at how PR people and agencies can better work with them tech-whiz SEO folk and how we can walk hand in hand in order to deliver campaigns that succeed. Not to sound too much like the guy from the film “Taken”, but each discipline has its own very particular set of skills; skills that have been acquired over a very long history, and we should compliment each other and not fight about who is doing what.

I shall attempt to deliver my PRFest talk with gusto and pzazz and I cannot wait to see you all there.

Andy Barr, 41, Capricorn

Come and hear Andy speak at #PRFest and hear about integrating link building and have a try in the workshop.

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