A day in the life of tourism PR

Guest post: What it’s like to work in the PR team at VisitScotland

It’s the old adage: you get out, what you put into it.  This definitely applies to working in the PR team at Scotland’s Tourism Organisation where no two days are the same and we certainly don’t rest on our laurels.

Having worked as an Assistant PR Manager for six years I have helped create some amazing campaigns.  However, this success has come through perseverance, collaboration and careful planning. From being involved in all of the excitement of 2014’s Year of Homecoming (including helping to run the destination media centre at the Commonwealth Games and accompanying press on a trip to the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles); launching the North Coast 500 route with the North Highland Initiative in 2015; to managing the global project of VisitScotland’s search for a canine ambassador or ‘Ambassadog’ in 2016, it’s a job that has given me more professional and personal satisfaction that any other.

George, the Ambassadog! Image credit: VisitScotland/ Duke Photography

It’s also a careful balancing act of striving to deliver objectives, answering a multitude of requests from journalists and influencers, as well as keeping an eye on industry trends and the news agenda. I would encourage anyone applying for a role as part of a global PR team to be prepared to be ambitious, to be able to carefully manage relationships, and above all, not give up despite any challenges.  A challenge is just an opportunity after all!   And working for VisitScotland is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to be part of an exciting and rewarding team.

Just now, the role of Assistant PR Manager, UK, at VisitScotland is open for a fixed term contract. Full details and applications via this link. The deadline for applications is on Monday!

Guest post by Erin Hickey, VisitScotland