Addressing the PRFest speaker imbalance

I’m sorry for not addressing the balance of the PRFest programme this year. It’s an unconscious oversight and highlights a need for me to review the speaker pitch process.

I know there is a need for meaningful change to the PRFest line-up this year, if possible, and I’ve been considering what can be done with less than two weeks until PRFest takes place.

Keynote, Alex Myers, who had only just realised the line-up was all-white speakers, wrote to me yesterday saying he would have to step down unless the balance was addressed.

Alex and I have spoken and agreed that he will stand down as keynote speaker and instead the slot will be open to someone from the BAME PR community. I realise this is only a small adjustment, but it is hopefully taken as a starting point for change. Please contact me urgently if you’d like to discuss the opportunity and I will do all I can to support you.

I’d also like to apologise to Elizabeth Bananuka for her experience in 2017 with one of the panel organisers. I’m sorry for missing this. I hate it when people feel hurt and it goes against the values of PRFest.

I offer a heartfelt apology. I can only promise to do better in future.

Laura Sutherland FCIPR Chart.PR MPRCA, Founder of Aura PR and PRFest