PRFest 2020 day two summary and round-up

Today we heard about

  • Social impact – the impact that both us, as individuals and, our businesses, can have on society. Whether it’s climate-related or people-related.
  • We looked at how we can give back through the likes of mentoring or volunteering.
  • How we buy and who we buy from, again, personally or for business.
  • Then we talked about stopping ‘sending stuff out’ (or SOS as Richard said) and how we have to have a success-oriented view not only to activity, but to evaluation.
  • Evaluation is not that difficult, it takes a little time, but it’s essential. There are even frameworks to help!
  • Moving on to modern tech, we looked at the benefits of modern software for listening, getting ahead of a crisis and essentially, helping our strategic reputation management role.
  • Then we got some amazing tips on how to save money by planning and using tools and making ‘free’ money!
  • Finally, we discussed business innovation in public relations. We’re moving so quickly but what does the future look like?

Over the last two day we’ve realised that as individuals, we need to:

  • Take responsibility for our own learning and educating ourselves.
  • To stop making excuses.
  • There are opportunities for us to grow, help others grow and be conscious of our decision-making.
  • We should review our situations both personally and in our business (if we run our own business) making sure we’re fit for purpose, that we’re relevant for our customer needs.
  • We’ve also learned about taking time for ourselves. Taking time out, making time to understand ourselves, getting out our own way and allowing all that to make us more productive.
  • It all comes back to purpose. Whether it’s people or planet.
  • So do you agree that purpose comes before profit?!

A few things

  • I’ll send the google doc from yesterday’s diversity and inclusion session so attendees can complete any unfinished ideas and feedback for our DRIVEN manifesto
  • #PRsUnite starts again next Wednesday at 3pm. You’ll get the usual email with link the day before. We’ve now moved to a bi-weekly meet-up every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.
  • I’ll be sending a short feedback questionnaire tomorrow and it would be great to get your feedback.
  • I’m always looking for guest bloggers, so please get in touch if you have thoughts, campaigns or anything else which may be of interest to the PRFest community.
  • I’m always happy to feature other PR pros on my podcast, so if you’ve got an idea, something relevant or a passion you want to discuss, please email me.

Finally, thanks to long standing PRFest sponsors, the PRCA and to our new partner this year, Vuelio.

Thanks to all the amazing speakers we’ve been learning from and thanks to everyone for coming and participating. I hope you’ve taken some actions away for yourself and for your professional roles!

I have a few actions of my own to follow up, including:

  • get attendees all the speaker videos!
  • send out the questionnaire
  • developing the first draft of the manifesto
  • a debate online, do we need quotas (anyone who wants to be a speaker, please contact me!)
  • an online leadership event – around making PR pros more confident to be in the leadership seat
  • an event on climate change and wider impact

As always, thank you, the wider PR community for your input, support and the contributions you make. My inbox is always open (well, from next week, I think I need to lie down lol), and I would welcome constructive feedback, ideas and anything else you think might be of interest!

Enjoy your weekend when it comes!