Recruiting diverse talent based on values and purpose

This morning PRFest hosted an event with guest, Rohan Shah, MD and Co-founder of Reuben Sinclair.

The discussion was based on recruitment and how it can help the public relations and communication industry be more diverse, equal and inclusive.

If you missed the session, you can watch it here:

The next and final event in the DRIVEN Pledge series takes place next Wednesday, 5th August, at 10.30am. Tickets are available (for free) on Eventbrite.


The event will see the launch of the DRIVEN Pledge, a free tool for PR leaders and individuals to support behavioural change. It will also take the form of a virtual panel event.

It’s all very well having reports and discussions, and even for agencies and organisations to use the Pledge and publicly say they adopt the different strands, but the big question is, how will the industry be held to account? We cannot continue conversations without implementing meaningful change.

PRCA, CIPR and Taylor Bennett Foundation will take part in PRFest’s panel session “How can the PR industry be held to account for diversity and inclusion?” on 5th August at 10.30am. We want to invite you to sign up for free to attend the event and submit any questions you have in advance to Laura Sutherland.


PRCA, Director General, Francis Ingham

CIPR, CEO, Alastair McCapra

CIPR, President, Jenni Field

Taylor Bennett Foundation, CEO, Melissa Lawrence

Hosted by Rax Lakhani and PRFest Founder and Director of Aura PR, Laura Sutherland

This event is free to attend however it is suggested you make a nominal donation to the Taylor Bennett Foundation to support its important work.

Send questions in advance to