‘Festers tell us their lockdown challenges

I asked the PRFest community about their biggest challenge during lockdown and 13 pros sent me their 60-second video talking about their challenges and how they overcame them.

I hope by sharing this, PR pros will know we are all in the same boat, we’ve all experienced similar and sometimes unique challenges, but by sharing how we overcame them, I hope this will help practitioners to overcome their own challenges, now or in the future.

Big thanks to:

  • Teela Clayton
  • Nicky Regazzoni
  • Adam Driver
  • Kerry Sheehan
  • Shayoni Lynn
  • George Blizzard
  • Louise Chandler
  • Claire Etchel
  • Rax Lakhani
  • Charlotte Dimond
  • Claire Foster
  • Andy Barr
  • (I also featured).