PRFest announces new steering group

PRFest has today announced a new steering group, which is to help advise on the direction of the community, help input into its strategy and help deliver elements of industry support.

The steering group was formed after Founder, Laura Sutherland, reviewed the entire PRFest model in 2020, after virtual events were an essential engagement tool (rather than the usual face-to-face model) and a realisation that the processes and policies of PRFest weren’t fit for purpose, quite specifically looking at diversity and inclusion.

Laura made a promise and included a pledge in her DRIVEN Pledge that a change would happen.

The group is formed of practitioners from various background, countries, industry experience and are all keen to help make a difference through supporting PRFest’s learn, share, collaborate and inspire ethos.

It is hoped the PRFest community will continue to grow, support the global industry and be there for whoever needs it.

Laura Sutherland, PRFest founder said: “Since I launched PRFest back in 2015, it’s only ever been me who has worked on the activities and made it all happen.

“After the enormity of work taken to rethink it for 2020, not once but twice, due to the pandemic, it was apparent in the summer that this rethink had to go even further.

“It has meant that I’ve brought another 12 wonderful minds around a global, virtual table, and it’s meant that the ambitions of PRFest have grown 12-fold over night.

“I can’t thank the steering group enough for volunteering their time and thinking. I can’t wait to see how far we can progress this year.”

Plans are in place for a roll out of announcements from next week, which include more juicy content, better use of PRFest’s Instagram account and more information on the June festival (21-25 June).