PRFest focuses on ‘the sustainable future of PR’ for June

PRFest, the annual global PR community event, will take place *14-18 June and the event will explore the sustainable future of the industry, specifically five ‘pillars’.

The next generation


Corporate social innovation



The annual June event has once again been re-imagined and the new 12-strong PRFest steering group has been working with Laura Sutherland since last year to develop the content, as well as new ideas for engaging attendees.

Laura Sutherland, director of Aura PR and founder of PRFest said: “The past year has been a whirlwind and has forced people and businesses to adapt very quickly.

“Professional development can’t stop. It’s a massive part of my own values. What’s also a priority is the work to make public relations a better recognised strategic business role. As PR and communication professionals, our role is to advise and consult with businesses, demonstrating our intelligence and understanding. The challenge is that many still don’t approach PR and communication with a strategic mindset and too often with tactics first.

If we have the conversation about what our industry might look like 10 years from now, we can all hopefully put measures in place to ensure we work towards this.”

PRFest is currently considering how the event can be delivered, now that there is an estimated timeline for easing of lockdown restrictions.

Simon Francis, founder member of Campaign Collective and a member of the PRFest steering group added: “The next ten years will see significant changes in how communicators operate, and we need to take a long view of the challenges facing our industry and wider society.

“It’s great to see PRFest bringing together perspectives on the biggest issues from around the world with fresh perspectives from the next generation of PR talent.”

Early bird tickets will go on sale on 30 March for one month. All announcements and updates will be on the PRFest website and be sent to email subscribers.

Steering group member and UK PR manager at Forrester, Katy Branson, finished: “Amidst the challenges of fake news, diverging content platforms and future technologies, we are an industry capable of morphing to embrace new ideas and opportunities. The next generation pillar will explore how these challenges are changing the role of communication, what it means for a career in PR and the opening of new, exciting horizons for our future leaders.”

*Please note the date change. This is due to Cannes Lions taking place in the week we had originally confirmed.

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