Friday 19th

Fringe event: How to collaborate and generate ideas online

Friday, 19th June

Now Go Create, just like the rest of the world, is having to rethink its business in the face of Covid, whilst face-to-face courses are not possible. Poorly run brainstorm online is just as bad, if not worse than offline. Facilitation is woefully under-invested in skill, however it’s fundamental to encouraging creativity in others. It’s arguably even more important to try and herd the cats, as the phrase goes, if you are trying to inspire and facilitate 20 people in 2cm squares!

So, we’re taking all the principles of great facilitation that we practice offline and looking at how you can apply them online – when you’re ‘zoomstorming’ or whatever you want to call it these days. In this new 75-minute webinar we’re going to look at our favourite structures and tools for generating, exploring and developing ideas online as well as how to get consensus when you can’t read body language clearly, or have the necessarily the same kind of debate and discussion as in person.

What is it? 75-minute webinar with remote-working tools for creativity with Q&A

What will I learn?

  • Focus on key facilitation skills & the role of the facilitator
  • A simple 4-step model to facilitate any workshop in 5 minutes
  • Our favourite remote-working warm-ups & why they matter
  • Tools to generate ideas remotely (they work in-person too)
  • Apps & tech that can help
  • Tools to evaluate ideas and decide next steps

This is a special event for anyone attending PRFest or anyone following the Festival and we’re offering £15 off the usual price, at £58. If you’ve attended the festival you can hone in on some of the ideas fizzing around your head and figure out how to develop and share them with others and use the facilitation tips on your next creative call.

Did you know that the ability to generate creative ideas, problem solve and think critically are the top three skills needed for the future workforce – what the World Economic Forum calls the ‘21st century skills’ gap. Claire Bridges, MSc, Author and Chief Spark of the UK’s creativity training company, Now Go Create is your session leader for this webinar.

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