PRFest tickets

On this page you’ll find out what events are taking place, when tickets are on sale and if you can register for a waiting list.

All PRFest tickets are sold through the Aura PR Eventbrite account.

Ticket terms and conditions are on Eventbrite.

PRFest has launched its annual June event with a focus on the sustainability of the industry, including five areas: Society, Planet, Work, Corporate Social Innovation, and the Next Generation. The event takes place from 14-18 June.

A multi-channel approach has been taken this year, to suit diaries, personal circumstances and to encourage a wider audience and £5 from every ticket will be donated to Taylor Bennett Foundation to support their excellent work.

Now in its sixth year, PRFest continues to be a ‘shoulder’ for PR and communication professionals as well as a platform for connecting, listening and inspiration. It’s more than an event, it’s a community.

The theme for this year represents where we are as an industry and as practitioners. Everything changed due to COVID, but it’s made us all think about the future. The five pillars will allow learning, sharing and collaborating.

We’re looking forward to being together again and bringing on that positive, high-energy, PRFest vibe!