Top things you’ll get out of the PR festival

According to our initial research, here’s what we think you’ll get out of the PR festival.

#1 Cross sector discussion will be stimulating, helping each other understand what each other is doing and how we can work better together

#2 Realise the importance of skills other than traditional media relations and understand how to use them. Whilst some organisations may place this as the no.1 skills required, it’s our job as PR practitioners to advise on the most relevant way to engage and communicate with an audience, not to do something ‘because it’s always been done like that’

#3 One of the barriers to learning is time and finance. My reckon is that if you attend one or both days, you’ll not only learn while you are there (and earn CPD points!), you’ll also note many areas which you can go off and learn more about in your own time. PR is evolving rapidly and so must practitioners if we are to remain relevant and of value to both our business/organisation/client and its audiences.

No-one said you had to learn in your job 9-5. Most practitioners I know learn in the evening/at weekends in their own time, because they want to be better at their job. CIPR webinars for example are free to watch at ANY time (for members)!

#4 Many people commented that they want better opportunities to meet other practitioners both to network and to share/collaborate. The PRofessionals will be set up informally, with tables and chairs, allowing a more relaxed setting to type, draw, whatever you want.

There will be an opportunity to network at both the lunch break and in the evening at the drinks reception.

Collaboration should occur naturally at each table.

#5 Resources and budgets can be limiting but if there is one event to attend this year and put your investment into, it’s The PRofessionals. Covering everything from influencer relations, future proofing businesses and teams, measurement and evaluation, tools to help you do your job more efficiently and effectively to looking at the wider landscape of what’s happening in PR.

#6 During my time involved with the CIPR Scotland committee, over 4 years or so, there have always been grumblings about quality speakers never coming to Scotland. Well, The PRofessionals has brought speakers from NYC, Stockholm, Belgium, London, NE England and across Scotland.

The quality is not debatable as each speaker is at the peak of their game.

This is a first for PR in Scotland.

#7 Being aware of what you don’t know and what you need to know isn’t always easy, especially if you’re at Director level with no-one to give you a steer. The festival hopes to open your mind to what you and your team might need to know but may not have considered

#8 Practical learning is beneficial as you can actually see how learning is applied. It tends to stick in our brains better!

We have three practical workshops lined up in video, measurement and evaluation and creativity.

As the festival is participant-led, there will be many opportunities to pitch in, ask questions and offer a different opinion.

As we move closer to the festival, with only FIVE WEEKS TO GO, I urge you to consider joining other practitioners from across Scotland (and some from outwith Scotland) at The PRofessionals.

You’ll learn, share and most definitely be inspired!


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Thanks in advance for your support, for sharing information about the festival and in anticipation, attending.

Laura ๐Ÿ™‚