Mental health in PR to be addressed at #PRFest

Today, Paul Sutton has been announced as a speaker at #PRFest and will talk about mental health in PR.

Last year, Paul wrote a very personal and insightful blog post about his own struggles and he has gone on to raise awareness of the issues that lie in our industry. He later went on to have discussions with other PR and comms professionals and wrote this post.

Studies have highlighted that mental health in PR is a serious issue, with stress, depression and anxiety all rife. In this session, Paul will discuss his personal experiences to highlight how to tackle mental well-being head on and, with such a strong business case, why you should not delay in doing so.

Paul is running a one-day event “Digital Download” in Oxford on 9th February with a great line-up of participants. Check it out here.

Mental health in PR and comms can be viewed as a taboo subject, but we need to be aware of the issue and how to tackle it. This session is a valuable addition to the #PRFest programme.

About Paul

Paul Sutton is an independent digital media consultant with 20 years’ experience in marketing and communications. After spending most of his career in PR agencies, he set up independently two years ago to provide strategic social media consultancy, creative campaign advice and best practice training to agency and in-house communications teams. He has since helped a diverse range of organisations to improve the effectiveness of their social media marketing, from large brands like Honda and L’Oreal to start-ups and small companies near his Oxfordshire home. His work has won 17 social media awards in the last five years.

With one eye firmly on the future, Paul understands the intersection between PR, social media, SEO, content and paid media, and is considered to be “one of the most progressive thinkers in this space among the UK PR community” (Jim Hawker, founder of Threepipe).

Paul is also as passionate about addressing the mental well-being of the communications industry as he is about improving the social media return on investment of his clients. Over the last year, he has contributed to a number of industry initiatives on the topic for the #FuturePRoof project, the PRCA and the CIPR, and has also developed a service to assist communications agencies with implementing a best practice approach to mental health.

Paul will speak on Friday, 16 June. Programme to-date available here.

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