“PR Space” launches – new event, call for interest

Launching “PR Space

I mentioned at PRFest in June that I’ll be diversifying the into more helpful and relevant activities.

In addition to the coding for PR taster event in September, (there are only 11 places left by the way), I’ve been watching and listening to conversations which independent practitioners, in-house PR Directors and MDs of small agencies are having.

The fact is, senior practitioners have few people to bounce ideas off, and a new way of sharing ideas and learning from other’s experiences, could be hugely beneficial.

Time for you to focus ON your business, as so often we are so busy working IN our businesses, we don’t have time or we feel guilty taking time out, to think about the bigger picture.

What if there was a community that existed, which would go the extra mile, and not just support you, but check in on you, even hold you accountable?

My next event idea, working name “PR Space“, is a mixture of the new “retreat” craze which is going on just now, mentoring and a dose of brainstorming. We tend to all face the same challenges and have the same questions, don’t we? It’s evident if you look at any social networking platform holding decent conversations.

But let’s go one step further. What if I organised a PRFest spin-off, overnight/weekend event, (PR Space), which focussed on 1) the challenges we face and the questions we have 2) how we’ve all approached them and 3) each of us were to develop our 2018 Q4 strategies from there? Heck, we could even look to 2019 and start planning that, too?

Like the idea of “PR Space”?

Firstly, I’d like to know if you’d be interested!

5 steps to get started:

1. Email me with your name and business to register interest (also tell me what day of the week would suit better)

2. Sign up for the PR Space email list here so we can start communicating in a group

3. I’ll send an email in the next couple of weeks, with a doodle poll, so we can look at dates (to the email you use in step 2)

4. I’ll look into a venue, it’ll be in Glasgow to kick off with, for a change, so maybe you could plan a shopping trip while you’re here!

5. The schedule will be something like: arrive Saturday morning (or another day if it suits better), working lunch and brainstorming/discussion/idea swap 12-5, check-in to the hotel and have a quick change, drinks and dinner 7-10, then either home or stay over.

I’m keen for this to be accessible to practitioners across the UK, so please do let me know your thoughts and suggestions. It’s about making an intimate event work for us all. We should even agree on the name of the concept. PR Space was just an idea.

After the event, we’ll start a ‘community’ within the PRFest Facebook page and only those who attend will have access. We can then have weekly check-ins and frequent discussions about how we’re getting on, sharing information or devising our next meet-up.

I’m really excited about this new concept and know a number of you will be, too. The idea of having a ‘safe place’ to collaborate and help each other can only be a good thing and you’ll also have me, to help lead discussions and pull resources to help us.

Please get in touch with any questions and definitely sign up if you think you could do with this crack new space to work in!

‘Til soon!

Oh, and please do share this as I know the further we can spread the message, the more ace people we can pull together. TIA!