Replacement session – “DRIVEN by Purpose”

The session will focus on action

PRFest’s line-up has changed on day one and will kick off at 10am next Wednesday by a brand new session including PRCA‘s Diversity and Inclusion Group Chair, Rax Lakhani, Taylor Bennett Foundation alumnus and PR Manager, Kuldeep Mehmi and PRFest founder and MD of Aura PR, Laura Sutherland.

Mary Beth West’s session on “Waging ethics battles for positive outcomes” will follow at the later time of 11.45am.

“DRIVEN by Purpose” will discuss what PRCA and Taylor Bennett Foundation are currently doing about diversity and inclusion, then set out a brand new framework, DRIVEN, (Diversity, Representation, Inclusion, Validation, Equity and Networks). Each of these areas will then be split out and discussed in break out groups – the challenges identified and brainstorm solutions. We believe we have the potential to build an early-stage industry manifesto for change. There will also be tough questions to answer, for example, what has stopped us from changing thus far? We need to understand the barriers to change.

There’s no point in reinventing the wheel, so convening industry bodies, organisations, suppliers and pockets of communities will be essential to further those discussions, solutions and networks.

Together we can start to break down pain points specific to different groups and move forward, being inclusive rather than exclusive. No one-size-fits-all.

PRFest will be using this DRIVEN manifesto to shape the future of the community. Everyone is invited to join. It’s for individual attitudes and mindsets to change first and foremost.

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PRFest is only a week away, so if you’d like to join the conversation and help be the change, you can buy your two-day pass for £70+ VAT here. Also a reminder that there are still limited tickets available for those financially hit by COVID-19. You just need to email to confirm.