Communications trends – research into state of the sector

Speaker Post: Jenni Field

Over the coming weeks leading to #PRFest, the speakers will blog about their subject area, giving you a flavour of what to expect on the day. 

Reports from Gatehouse and VMA Group show trends that we, as communications professionals should have on our agenda for 2018. Jenni Field will discuss some of the big ticket items and how the communications and PR function needs to consider the importance of content, data and culture.

The start of 2018 has seen some interesting research into communications. With some reports able to track trends for 10 years, it is interesting to see what trends have really made a difference, what isn’t changing despite investment and focus and where the gaps really are.

But when it comes to 2018 there are some things to think about in terms of content, data and culture. They each play a role for the internal communicator, in every aspect of the function, and understanding the trends; being able to benchmark your own thinking can be incredibly helpful for peace of mind or to create a business case for change.

I will share the main themes from research published in 2018, how this can play out inside an organisation and what it means for you and your communications function, including a little bit of theory, all with a view to enabling you to put the human element at the heart of your strategy.

There will be an opportunity for group discussion after Jenni’s presentation. This is your chance to tap into Jenni’s knowledge and experience particularly in building comms functions and adapting to changing trends.

Jenni will speak on Thursday, 14 June at #PRFest. You can view the programme here and buy your tickets here.